caroline nicolian .
professionally known as caroline sofia nicolian nickname(s) caro, nico, ro birth date & age january 25, 1987 & 28 hometown Ibiza, Spain currently resides London, UK & Los Angeles, CA occupation actress relationship status single
Ibiza, Spain is normally a getaway destination for most. The night life, the fashion, and the beauty of it are all things most people take a vacation for. But for Caroline, it was almost as if her life was a vacation. Being born in Spain to a Spanish mother, Isabel, and an Italian father, Antonio, her roots were carved into her. Caroline always had a strong sense of pride about her heritage. Living in Spain was something she was proud of. She loved the weather, the people, and the culture. Her parents taught her all about embracing who she was, but also embracing the rest of the world, because her parents had a hard time becoming one, as their parents forbid it from happening. The story was, that they met while her father was on vacation with his family. Her mother was a Flamenco dancer outside of a restaurant, entertaining crowds that walked by. She was studying there for school and dancing was a way for her to make money. Their eyes met and they fell in love. Her mother went back to London, England, where she was originally from and he back to Naples, Italy and they became pen pals for a year before they decided to get married. Since their families did not approve, they both ran away together, back to Spain, where they still reside today. Although they were very much in love, they had an extremely hard life for very many years.

Caroline was their only child. Her mother was only 24 when she had her and her father was 25. Money was always tight. Caroline grew up with very little, but she was rich in knowledge. She loved to learn, to read, to write, and to imagine. Her imagination was something that proceeded her and to this day, still does. One of her favorite things to do, though, was travel. Caroline had family all over the world, it seemed; most of them residing in London, England. They would travel to London every summer, where Caroline would become close to her cousins. The best thing she did there, though, was attend the theatre. This is where Caroline fell in love with the art of acting. She would go back to Spain and day dream of growing older so that she could one day become an actress.

As she grew up, Caroline did what most teenagers in Ibiza did, which was party. She learned at a young age what alcohol and drugs were and she was definitely not a stranger. Although she did her fair share of partying and attending night clubs, she was still a good, grounded girl. She did well in school, despite the crowd she hung around, which made her a bit rough around the edges. Which made it a bit awkward when she decided to leave Ibiza when she was 18 to attend Manchester Metropolitan University School of Theatre. Leaving home was a big step for her, but Caroline was always independent and being in the UK was like a second home to her.

At school is where she learned what being an actress really meant. She took a lot of improv classes and really enjoyed making people laugh. But she found herself taking a liking to drama. It was easy for her to tap into the deeper part of things. Luckily for her, going to school there was a great way to make connections and start a career. Although, the way that Caro made the connections she did was definitely different. She began dating one of her professors who helped her get her first gig, but of course, came at a high price. Caro was in an extremely manipulative relationship, where she had to have sex with him, in order to get the auditions that she wanted. In 2009, she landed her first role ever. Small but it was a start. Being behind a camera was like a drug. All she wanted was more. So, of course, she would give her professor what he wanted so that she could get what she wanted. From 2009-2011, it was a very rough time for Caroline. Her self-esteem was at an all-time low and although she was working a bit, she was questioning if it was what she really wanted. The abuse from her boyfriend was taking a toll on her. She fell into a deep depression and didn't know how to get out of it. It wasn't until she got the role of Daenerys Targaryen on Game of Thrones did she start to become herself again. She was surrounded by some of the most amazing people she'd ever met, who she confided in, and who gave her strength. Thrones soon became more popular than anyone expected and she left her boyfriend. He was angry and possessive, which ended up making him stalk her for a number of months before she filed a restraining order against him.

Once Thrones began to pick up, Caroline began getting recognized by fans and critics alike, which helped her get more jobs. Thrones was a miracle for her, as she regained her life back. Slowly she started to enjoy life more, started to trust more, and started to live the life she should have lived years before being in her abusive relationship. Recently, Caroline has become extremely outspoken about the abuse she went through, and has become an advocate against physical and sexual abuse with the Joyful Heart Foundation and Refuge in the UK. She wants to be able to use her newfound fame for good and hope for other women to learn from her mistakes. However, on the contrary, Caroline is a pretty private person and doesn't enjoy the media. She would rather act and go home at night, than have her picture taken or get free things. Since 2012, Caroline's career has taken an upwards and it seems to only be rising.

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  • Although born in Spain, she retains the British accent after living there for so long and spending most summers there. Her voice inflection can become a bit of Spanish and British whenever she's been drinking, emotional, or angry.
  • Caroline is the product of domestic violence. Her first serious boyfriend mentally and physicially abused her; manipulating her to believe that the only way she could get work was if she stayed with him, since he knew a lot of people. He was her profession at UMM, where he seduced her and she fell for him. They were together for 2.5 years before she broke free of her ties with him. She is now an advocate for domestic abuse against and supports charities such as The Joyful Heart Foundation and Refuge.
  • Since her battle with abuse, relationships, romantic and platonic, have always been a struggle. Fortunately, she has come out on top, not letting what happened to her stop her from being kind and courageous. Although trust has become an issue for her, she still tries her best to let people in. Though it may take a bit of time, it's always been possible for her.
  • Caro is of Spanish and Italian decent. She is an only child and very close to her parents. There is not much she doesn't let them in on, as they have always been her support system. They were always open to her fulfilling her dreams and doing whatever it took to make her happy in life. Although she can be a bit spoiled, she is still grateful. Unfortunatrly, a year ago, her father was diagnosed with liver cancer and he has been declining ever since. She's wanted to take time off for him, but he refuses and gets mad when she tries to.
  • Has a tattoo of an infinity symbol with the word "Unbroken" on the left side of her ribcage to indicate what she has overcome in her lifetime.
  • She does not have any pets, but has always been a fan of animals.
  • Caroline is a frequent concert goer and loves festivals. Whenever possible, she will attend any she can, even if they're on a little bit of the weird side.
  • Although she is on the show, she has never read any of the Game of Thrones books and refuses until the show is actually over. She never wants to know what happens next.
  • Has a small scar on her right shoulder blade from when she was filming a scene from "Honeymoon", where she was pushed up against a wooden wall and scraped her back, filled with splinters. It took her and her team two hours to get them all out.

  • personality / blurb ENFP - "THE CAMPAIGNER"

  • A true free spirit. Often the life of the party, .but is less interested in the sheer excitement and pleasure of the moment than in enjoying the social and emotional connections to make with others.

  • Charming, fiercely independent, energetic, compassionate, craves creativity and freedom.

  • Tends to see life as a big, complex puzzle where everything is connected, but tends to see that puzzle as a series of systemic machinations. See it through a prism of emotion, compassion and mysticism, and is always looking for a deeper meaning.

  • Can quickly lose patience or become dejected if faced with something that is boring. Can also be a bit emotional and sensitive, to which if that happens, everyone around will feel it.

  • Is extremely empathetic and enjoys listening to others' emotions. Intuitive feelings are also a driving force.